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Our Admission Packages

  • Our Admission Packages


    Packages Starts From

    Russia 10-15 lac ( With hostel )
    Kyrgyzstan 13-17 lac ( With hostel )
    China 10-12 lac ( With hostel )
    Bangladesh 18-20 lac ( With hostel )
    Ukraine 15-18 lac ( With hostel )
    Nepal 46-55 lac ( With hostel )
    Philipines 13-17 lac ( With hostel )
    Georgia 16-22 lac ( With hostel )
    Central America 45-55 lac ( With hostel )
    Belarus 17-23 lac ( With hostel )
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Unique Methodology

SCGS has the Unique methodology by which the needs of the students are captured, the available resources and constrains Are identified and the right university is suggested. Short listing the right University is one of the most complies processor which you not only have to have the knowledge about the University facts but also to validate the same through trusted resources.

SCGS always undertook objective and psychological analysis of the Students to arrive at right recommendation. It also requires lot of interaction with the concerned? University Staff/Faculty before and during the admission process.

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